Here are a few projects we’ve worked on

I won’t bore you with oodles of pictures, but maybe give a sampling of the variety of vehicles we have had a privilege to work on over the years. Some of these photos may not be the best quality, but we’ll do our best scanning them in. I’m often chastised for cutting off parts of wheels in my pictures, but hey, don’t all wheels look alike?   On some vehicles I will include process pictures where I think they might be of interest, but sometimes they are repetitive, so I won’t do it on them all. (Some of them I don’t have either.)

If you click on any of the photos below, you can view descriptions of the projects:

Some of the projects also have their own pages, with more details available:

Details – Ambulance Project

Details – Red Lodge Project

Details – Yellowstone Coach Project

Details – Stagecoach Project

Details – Gentleman’s Brougham Project

Details – Wagonettes Project