Wagon Neck Yokes


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We carry hickory neck yokes in sizes from 32” to 48” which will handle most applications, from ponies to draft. The top neck yoke pictured, (a), is an eye bolt style attachment designed for mowing machines, drills, fore carts and implement applications.. The second style, (b), is for wagons, sleds and general driving applications. Sizes 32” to 38” ring center neck yokes have 3” rings while 40” to 48” have 4” center rings. The neck yoke ends are riveted on, instead of nailed or screwed, to prevent their being pulled off.

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28" (Miniatures) Ring Center, 32" Ring center, 34" Ring Center, 36" Ring Center, 38" Ring Center, 40" Bolt Center, 40" Ring Center, 42" Ring Center, 42" Bolt Center, 44" Ring Center, 44" Bolt Center, 46" Bolt Center, 46" Ring Center, 48" Ring Center, 48" Bolt Center