Bradley Couplers


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If you like premium shaft and pole attachments, this Bradley Coupler is the Cadillac way to go. This is a ball & socket style of attachment where the shaft or pole ends fasten to the ball end (left) and the spring loaded socket attaches to the axle (right). The spring clip catches or releases the top of the socket as the shafts or pole needs to be attached or taken off of the vehicle. This ball is also surrounded by a piece of leather to prevent any rattle. This Bradley Coupler is the best of all attachment styles. (These require 1 axle clip each to attach to the axle.)

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Bradley Coupler Socket – 3/4", Bradley Coupler Socket – 7/8", Bradley Coupler – 3/4" Ball, Bradley Coupler – 3/4" Ball With Leather Packing, Bradley Coupler – 7/8" Ball, Bradley Coupler – 7/8" Ball With Leather Packing