There are a number of different manufacturers of roller bearing hubs today, but I feel these hubs represent the old styling while incorporating modern conveniences. These hubs are built after the Sarven style, yet without the wooden core. The mortising for the spokes is an integral part of the casting and uses a spoke very similar to the Sarven spoke (just a shorter tendon). The heavy rear flange is often machined to accommodate a drum for hydraulic brakes. These hubs come fit for four axle sizes; 1”, 1 1/8”, 1¼”, and 1½”, and use spoke sizes correspondingly.A 1¾” hub is also available for medium sized vehicles and light coaches that fit a 1¾” axle and spoke.



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This large hub is fashioned after the military hub, referred to as the Archibald hub. It will fit the 2” and larger axles and requires a 2” to 2½” spoke. Unlike the lighter roller bearing hubs, these do not have mortises for the spokes to fit in to. This is an extremely strong hub and often used on larger coaches and hitch wagons. It is machined to take the large 12” hydraulic drum brake and has a very nicely machined brass hub cap.



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For those of you interested in competition driving, this roller bearing flush hub is the way to go.

The shortened outer flange is ribbed to deflect obstacles when you’re cutting those corners tight. This hub requires its own specific axle because of its shortened length. It is also machined to take the 8” and 10” brake systems.



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Hydraulic brake systems are available in 8”, 10” and 12” drum sizes. The 8” brake system fits the 1” and 1 1/8” axles; the 10” brakes fit the 1¼” and 1½” axles; and the 12” brakes fit the 2” to 2½” axles. It is necessary to specify which hub and axle you are fitting to ensure the correct brake system. Each complete set comes with drum, backing plate (with shoes mounted), master cylinder, hydraulic lines and brake fluid.



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The Sarven hub was probably one of the more widely used hub styles in its day and is still a reliable hub today. When interested in keeping that Doctor’s buggy or spring wagon original, this is the hub to use. After the wheel is assembled, the boxing from the old style axle is fitted into the core to provide a reliable, true running wheel. These Sarven style hubs are still available from a 1” spoke up to a 2” spoke. Prices include cores and flanges.



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We also turn our own wooden wagon hubs, complete with mortising, bands set and bored to fit your boxing. We build these for $295.00 each. The hub on the right has been turned and mortises bored while the hub on the left has been center bored and hub bands set (ready to build a wheel on). 

We do a lot of wheels, so if we can help you figure something out, let us know.


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